W1_Ibrahim Al Amri_TUCKMAN Assesment

1. Problem Definition

After five days of face-to-face sessions in Muscat through extensive program; Team Takatuf PMI 2014 was born. With five projects to be achieved; having a new to each other member in the team makes it a must to look at a method of optimizing team resources. The elected Program Manager must define a leadership style to deliver on time with the optimum quality. It was agreed to use Dr. Tuckman Model to define the leadership style suitable for us.

Dr. Tuckman has developed and published the Forming Storming Norming Performing model which is a tool/method helps projects managers identify the best leadership style to be adopted.

2.     Identify the Feasible Alternatives.

Dr. Tuckman concluded that each new team goes through minimum four stages of development to reach its full capacity of performance; these are explained below:

  1. In the forming stage, people are usually polite and positive. They might be even excited about the new job and tasks ahead. However, they are not clear about their roles and responsibilities. It is the project manager role to clarify the main goals and individual tasks.
  2. Storming usually starts where there is a conflict between team member natural working styles, conflict is very common at this stage as people get more into interaction and try to resist the influence of the group. Emotional reactions are dominant and it is the stage where many may fail to proceed.
  3. Resistance is overcome in the third stage as people start to resolve their differences. They know that they are different and they appreciate each other strengths and they try to complement the weaknesses. They have no more resistance to the authority of the leader. In work environment, they start to express their own personal opinions. The stage is called Norming.
  4. Finally, the team arrives at the final stage of team building where hard work is being done. Systems, roles, structures are all clear and all team members are more focused on getting things done. Delegation is easier at this stage and system is functioning well. The final stage is referred to as performing stage.

3.      Team Stage Assessment

(Takatuf 2014) team members mutually agreed to use the 32 items questionnaire to find out the team building stage and decide the suitable style of  leadership. The results are as following

Stage Name/ Forming Storming Norming Performing
1 33 28 30 27
2 16 9 19 22
3 20 20 25 28
4 27 28 24 24
5 25 25 29 27
6 18 12 20 22
7 24 20 26 32
8 8 8 10 22
9 23 21 25 29
10 32 29 30 35
11 13 12 20 25
12 23 24 22 27
13 23 18 25 27
14 12 14 11 31
15 17 12 20 26
16 21 27 20 23
17 12 12 19 29
18 14 10 20 23
19 32 27 29 35
20 24 25 23 27
21 22 24 20 28
22 25 27 26 33
23 24 18 20 22

A total of 23 samples gave us the below results in our PERT Analysis

Forming Storming Norming Performing
Min 8 8 10 22
Average 21 20 22 27
Max 33 29 30 35
Mean 21 19 22 28
sigma 4 4 3 2
Variance 17 12 11 5
P(90) 26 24 26 31

Table 1.


4. Selection of criteria

Probability 90 is selected to cope for the high standard deviation and hence better to work cautiously. Therefore; clearly (Takatuf 2014) falls in the Performing phase at this stage of the project.

5. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative

Clearly from the analysis (Takatuf 2014) team is in the performing stage. In an ideal world this indicates that the team is aware of what they have to do. Given the swift responds from team members to the survey; the fact that the standard deviation is high still alerts at this stage in the project life. There are potentials that some of the questionnaire answers were not filled in properly due to miss understanding or lack of clarity on certain tasks!

6. Selection of the Preferred Alternative.

According to the results and my interpretation; I feel that the Project Manager has to take extra care while delegating tasks and activities to sub-managers. This means he has to adopt the delegating style leadership. The Program Manager must be prepared to step in or have an alternative task manager ready to achieve tasks and activities on time; as he still does not know where the weak links are?!

7. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result.

The Program Manager must maintain a balance between delegation and telling leadership styles. Day four in the face to face sessions showed that the team is capable of resolving issues arisen in their ways; however, continuous monitoring and guidance will be essential by the Program Manager in the first three to four weeks.


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3 thoughts on “W1_Ibrahim Al Amri_TUCKMAN Assesment

  1. Nice job on your W1 blog posting, Ibrahim!!

    Keep up the good work but leaving it until the last minute is a very risk approach. Why? Because if you got it rejected then you would not be able to claim credit for it this week, while if you posted early in the week, and it got rejected, it would give you almost all week to make the corrections and still be able to claim credit for this week.

    Does that make sense to you?

    Dr. PDG, Boston MA

  2. HI Ibrahim, can you please help those of your colleagues on the team who are struggling with this assignment?

    Both they and I will appreciate your mentoring very much!!

    Dr. PDG, Cape Cod, MA

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