W1_Al Moataz_Tuckman Assessment

1-      Problem Definition:

You can’t expect a lot from a newly built team and you can’t expect them to perform well when it first comes together. Team formation takes time and they often go through familiar stages, as they start from outsiders to becoming united groups with mutual goals.

In every project team it is very important to identify the development stage of your team, which will help in developing the strategy for leadership. Project Team “Takatuf PMI 2014” was established after the 5 days face-to-face session, the teams goals are: to Pass one of PMI certifications and return on training investment. The only way to achieve the team goals, is to identify organisation development stages of “Takatuf PMI 2014” and then establish the strategy for leadership.


2-      Identify the Possible Alternatives:

Bruce Tuckman 1965 developed a model that describes organizational development stages. It is one of the most known team development theories and had formed a strong foundation and strong teams since its conception. He classifies the model into four stages, i.e. forming, storming, norming and performing, which is known as the Tuckman’s model in figure (1) below:



Figure 1 [1]. Bruce Tuckman Stage of Team Development

In Figure 1[1], it explains the four different phases of team member interaction.

Forming Stage: all members are either anxious as they haven’t fully understood their tasks in the project. Or others who are so excited to know the next step towards the completion of the project. Leader is playing a very important role in this stage, since team members are still unclear of their tasks and responsibilities [2]. Time is spent planning, collecting information and bonding [3].

Storming:  This is the next stage after the forming stage, were team members start addressing task ideas, which might be destructive to the team. This is the stage where many teams fail, Relationships between team members are either made or destroyed at this stage and some teams gets stuck in this stage because of bad communication[2]2[3].

Norming: This stage is when team members start having mutual thoughts, resolve their differences and appreciate colleague strengths [2]. Roles and responsibilities are accepted by the team and major decisions are made by team agreement.

Performing: This stage of Tuckman is reached when hard work leads to achieve the team goals. For team leaders this stage is very important to develop team members, while he delegates lots of work to others team members [2].


3-      Development of the Outcome of Alternative:

Survey data was conducted for each team member by filling 32 questions developed by CSCA[4]. By using Tuckman’s Model, the result of group position can be in one of the four possibilities.


Name Forming storming Norming performing
Ahmed AL-Abri 33 28 30 27
Asma 16 9 19 22
Mohammed Al Mujaini 20 20 25 28
Musallam Al-Awaid 27 28 24 24
Hani Al Zadjali 25 25 29 27
hassan Al Barrami 18 12 20 22
Mahfoodha Al-Shaibani 24 20 26 32
Said Al amri 8 8 10 22
Ahmed Al Azizi 23 21 25 29
Haitham Al Raisi 32 29 30 35
Said Algheilani 13 12 20 25
Murtadha Hameed 23 24 22 27
Majid AL Yaqoubi 23 18 25 27
Hameed alamri 12 14 11 31
Saaed Al-Shehhi 17 12 20 26
Tariq Al Nabhani 21 27 20 23
Khalid Al-Shukaili 12 12 19 29
Bader Al Rahbi        
Khalid Al Maamari 14 10 20 23
Al Moataz Al Hasani 32 27 29 35
Majid Al Rawahi 24 25 23 27
Azzan Al Jardani 22 24 20 28
Suleiman Al Jabri 25 27 26 33
Ali Hubais 24 18 20 22

Table 1

As shown in the table[1] above, there are different numbers rated by the members, because each member will have different opinion and therefore Delphi technique with P80 will be used.


4-      Selection of Criteria:

In the Table below, shows the summary results of “Takatuf PMI 2014” team produced by the survey. In addition Delphi Technique is implemented in the same Table (3), to identify the development stage of “Takatuf PMI 2014” team.



 Stages Lowest Most Highest Mean Standard Deviation P80
Forming 8 21 33 21 4 24.4
Storming 8 20 29 20 4 22.5
Norming 10 22 30 21 3 24.2
Performing 22 27 35 28 2 29.3

Table 3 Delphi Technique P80

From above data,using Delphi Technique it is shows “Takatuf PMI 2014” project stage is “Performing”. It is shows in higher score.


5-      Analysis and Comparison the Alternative:

As mentioned above in previous sections (Table 3), that there is a possibility of different opinions among team members, in this case you can see the ranking of the stages using P80:

  P80 Ranking
Forming 24.4 2
Storming 22.5 4
Norming 24.2 3
Performing 29.3 1

Table 4. The Ranks of the four Stages

The Ranking above in Table 4 shows that we are in the “Performing stage”, but as shown above the second ranked is the” forming stage”, which means that the team is still confused and opinion differs. Therefore it shows that the team is most probably in the “Storming stage”, because the team started giving opinions, they might have conflicts but at least they started addressing their opinions.

6-      Selection of the preferred alternative:

In personnel opinion instead of having PERFORMING stage, it could be better to select the storming stage since there are a lot of people choosing the storming stage too, and week by week we will reach the next stage when all deliverable of week 1 is submitted.


7-      Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

The Tuckman model is very important at this stage of the program, it will help the program manager (Majid Al Yaqoubi) to know his team status better. The model result will help to identify the leadership strategy, as mentioned above in the selection of preferred alternative we are in the “Storming Stage” and this stage is very vulnerable to failure of team. Majid Al Yaqoubi should initiate another survey during our program, to check if there is an update on the stage of our team.


1)      OLA (2011). TEAMWORKING. [ONLINE] Available at: http://ola-aleksandra.blogspot.com/2011/05/teamworking.html. [Last Accessed 2nd June 2014].

2)      Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing – Understanding the Stages of Team Formation. Retrieved from http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_86.htm

3)      Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing – The Team building Company.

Retrieved from http://www.teambuilding.co.uk/Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing.html

4)      CSCAWEB.org. (2012). Survey: what stage is Your Team In ?.Retrieved fromhttp://www.cscaweb.org/EMS/sector_team/support_files/tools_for_the_team/tool_stage.pdf.




2 thoughts on “W1_Al Moataz_Tuckman Assessment

  1. Excellent W1 posting Al Moataz, however you really need to be doing your blog postings on Sunday or Monday latest and NOT leaving them to Saturday. If you are are budgeting your 7 hours per week wisely, you should be working on your weekly report right now, not on your blog.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing the same quality blog next week when you are free to choose your own topic.

    Dr. PDG, Boston

    • Thanks a lot DR.Paul, i had a hectic week at work, and since it was my first Weekly blog it took me time to reach your expectation. But i totally agree with you and coming weeks will be better in sha allah.

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