W2_Khalid Almamari_Interfacing issues between Engineering & Contract departments

1. Problem Definition

It was noticed the delay in the finalization of each contract/project as well as the approval of some documents either prior floating the tender or awarding the contract. It is an internal concern but it is affecting the set schedule that agreed with the management for the project. Also, the affect could reach 20% out of the whole period of the project (as per the current project that is ongoing right now). This case will be elaborated briefly in this report and some solutions will be suggested to be implemented in our daily activities.

2. Development of the feasible alternatives

Engineering and contracting are 2 different department and they are setting in 2 different building currently. Contracting department is serving more than 1 department but it is a support for other departments in the company. During the tender stage, the contract engineer is leading the project with all feeding from the project engineer till awarding therefore all information are coming from engineering but the contract team is the focal point to coordinate all activities including pre-screening, short listing, floating the tender docs, communication with the bidders, evaluations corresponding with them till the awarding the contract then the role is shifting to the engineering. The time loses in such coordinates and arrangements. Stakeholder’s management, involved risk and communications planning are 3 pillars that could lead to best of practice to improve the situation.


3. Development of outcomes and solutions

Stakeholder’s management, involved risk and communications planning charters should be built in the early stage of any project and protocol of organizing such activities should agreed with the management.

Stakeholders’ categories should be identified (Implementers & Decision-makers) and their influence and impact should be cleared as well as the time risk occurred due to such as interfacing will be analyzed and solved by risk management’s tools. Also, the communication planning is a vital player for success of any team and project. It is about determining who needs to know what, when and how and model will support this target.


4. Selection of Criteria

1st, the management shall approve this approach and it could applicable for both departments and KPI (Key Performance Index) should be set for each pillar. Realistic % set in the beginning and agreed on 60% in each item. Project support engineer will be the focal point between both parties to chase-up any conflict issues as well as to monitor and report the KPI by minimizing the wasting time till awarding of the contract. Lesson learned will be arranged with management as post-activity to assure all plans have been implemented


5. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives

All of the 3 alternatives are leading to a comprehensive solution toward getting any project on time. This will support the schedule of the project delivery especially in internal side (within the company) and will create the collaborative culture to improve the methodology to deal with future projects.


6. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

The team should focus further of Communications planning as each department is looking for different interests therefore, the collaborative culture and the communications technology shall be improved to break any constrain and enhance the success project to achieve higher KPI.


7. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

Project support/interface engineer will play a good role to support both teams to get minimum wasting time in the beginning of any project as well as the KPI will be presented to the senior management to get a feedback and if the % could be increased to next step. The leadership is a best practice to develop in this field.



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One thought on “W2_Khalid Almamari_Interfacing issues between Engineering & Contract departments

  1. ????? GREAT case study, BUT…… Where are the calculations supporting your solution?

    There need to be some qualitative or quantitative analysis to back up or support your proposed solution to your problem……

    Dr. PDG, Pensacola, Florida

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