WK 2.0_ MS_ Work Load Management

  1. Problem Definition

Takatuf _PMI program was designed to develop project competencies. However, this can only be achieved if the plan is followed thoroughly if not exceedingly.  As per Malcom Gladwell’s 10000 hours of practice rule, success requires continuous practice, hard work and dedication to achieve mastery on a specific field as well as devotion to this field. As a personal objective, Mastery in Project management is an ultimate personal goal. Therefore, the first step to achieving this is by excelling in this program as it will in enhance and improve the required skills to accomplish this goal. Therefore, the topic of week 2 blog is work load management.

It is the 2nd week of the Takatuf_PMI_2014 Program, the work load is picking up and the delivery dates are coming closer and closer as every day passes. Not to mention, the demands of both the office and home clashing with the hours required to be invested in the program. Therefore, the objective of this blog is to plan the upcoming 12 weeks in a manner that will allow attain success  in this program and enhance personal skills to achieve the ultimate goal. For this, Resource Histogram will be used as tool to effectively manage the personal progress

  1. Development of Feasible Alternatives

The resource histogram tool is a bar chart that is used to identify the amount of time that is required by specific resource to work on a scheduled activity over a predetermined and specific time period. This tool could also be used to predict future performance of the program as well as indicate if any changes occur during the progress of the program.

  1. Development of the Outcome for Alternative

Taking into consideration the Program’s schedule and planned deliverables, the personal Histogram was developed as following:

A table was created to include all the activities and deliverables scheduled in the following weeks as shown on the following table


Histogram data table


  1. The Project control hours planned for the program is doubled in my case as I am the project manager of this project.
  2. The office hours fluctuate as per the company demands. Therefore, it could be noticed an increase of weekly-hours demands as an indication of travel time or a decrease of weekly-hours demands due to Ramadan working hours.


  1. Selection of Criteria.

The above data was then translated and converted into the histogram chart as following:


  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative.

The following graph was then generated to analyze the histogram chart. This was to identify the available free hours outside the scheduled hours dedicated for the program and office hours.


Note: There are a total of 168 hours per week

As illustrated above the analysis included the estimated necessary sleeping and meals intake hours during the program duration as well as taking into account the Eid Holidays which falls in Wk 9.

As per the above graphs and analysis it is clear that the total work load is evenly distributed throughout the program except for the period between Wk1- Wk4 due to business travels scheduled as well as the requirement to deliver the paper at the end of WK6.

Bearing in mind the above duration doesn’t consider the exponential learning curve during the progress of the program, as there are many tools and techniques that are being used which are quite new and unfamiliar and definitely require some time to master.

  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternative.

In order to increase the individual productivity and hence achieve a successful deliverables (in quality and on time & on budget). Identify most consuming time project and in this case the 2500 Paper project and focus resources on delivering this on time. To achieve that expedite the learning process of the tools and techniques required to deliver this project on time. This would mean allocating more working hours during the first 6 Weeks of the program i.e utilizing some of the idle time throughout the weeks. As well as utilizing the idle time during Wk 9 to increase the buffer for the deliverables following this Week. This will result in providing the program a cushion that would allow increasing productivity and effectively managing the program and its deliverables

  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result.

This exercise illustrated essentially where resources are mostly needed to be allocated. As well as identified where potential delays could be anticipated. Therefore, weekly progressive monitoring on acquired and enhanced skills, weekly deliverables and the overall development of the individual

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5 thoughts on “WK 2.0_ MS_ Work Load Management

  1. Great case study, Majid and you did a good job on your calculations and your analysis.

    And your citations were spot on!!! Nice work.

    What you DIDN’T take into account was the LEARNING CURVE, so for your W4 or W5 blog posting, I will be looking for people to compare their actual performance and calculate the impact of learning curve has on the weekly hours. (In particular, the blog posting as this is a great example of the learning impact of the learning curve) To help you work smart, not hard, check out the work your Indonesian colleagues did on this topic- http://kristalaace2014.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/w12-1_yaw_my-learning-curve/ and http://kristalaace2014.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/w13_yaw_kristal-aace-2014s-learning-curve/

    Bottom line- great case study and you should be able to use this for another 1 or maybe 2 blog postings in the future…..

    Dr. PDG, Pensacola, Florida

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