W2.2_Hani_Stakholder Management

Problem Definition:

It’s very important for a project manager to identify the different stakeholders involved in any project as a part of the project initiation process.  It’s also very important for him/her to divide theses stakeholder to different categories so …..

This blog will try to identify the different stockholders to “HR Development Scheme” Project, which is an HR Project in Takatuf. The blog will also will distribute the stockholders to 6 major categories and will analyze their information, interest, influence, impact (execution). Impact (operation) to determine the importance of each stakeholder based on their analysis scare.

Project Background:

Takatuf is planning to recruit 10 fresh graduate to develop them to become certified, competent Human Resource leaders and specialist to serve Oman Oil Group company demand Human Resource requirements. The project aim to attach the best fresh talent and develop them for 3-4 years to achieve its objectives. The estimated budget for this program is 3 million USD.

Stockholders / Stakeholders Categories:

Stakeholder is defined as anybody who may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project (Project Management Institute, 2013).

Below are some modules of stakeholders mapping:


Figure 1: Types of Stakeholders 1


Figure 2: Types of Stakeholders 2


Figure 3: Types of Stakeholders 3

Analysis of HR Development Scheme Stockholders:

Adopting the 6 types of stakeholder’s categories in the course material and different module above, below table summarizes the project stakeholders and analyze their information, interest, influence, impact ( execution). Impact (operation)


Table 1: Stockholder Analysis

Any item score 80% and above (40 and above) is concerned the most critical stakeholders to this project.


The analysis above is clearly highlighting that the key stakeholders to this project are:

– Takatuf L&D Team and Takatuf in general.

-Candidates that will be recruited and developed.

– companies that will benefit from the scheme.

Therefore, extra attention need to be taken to make sure that these stakeholders ( along other off course) are involved in all the steps of the project.



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One thought on “W2.2_Hani_Stakholder Management

  1. Much better Hani but I still cannot figure out why your citations are coming out like that. SOMETHING is wrong…..

    Here is the ultimate authority on APA citations- https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

    Suggest you check with this reference instead of relying on the auto-formatter….

    Also, I am concerned that you are not able to take this case study and adapt it to our 7 step process….. What you have done is not wrong, but the 7 step process is definitely considered to be a “best tested and proven” practice for setting up the analysis of technical problems….

    Dr. PDG, Boston

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