W3.1_Haitham_Accommodation Decision

  1. Problem Definition

I and my wife found that we are ready to move to a new place. After discussing with real-estate agents, we came across three choices, which are hard to choose among them as my wife was more into one of the options (Town-House).

2.  Development of Feasible Alternatives

Based on the discussion with the real-estate agent we identified 3 suitable options; buying another town-house, apartment or house.


  1. Development of the Outcome for Alternative [3]



Market / Demand

Rent price



  1. Selection of Criteria.


 Figure 1. Analysis Comparison [2]


  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative.


By using Grid Analysis, the comparison of the above criteria will be as below;



Figure 2. Weight Assessment [2]


Legend [1]:

Price: 3=Cheapest, 2=Cheaper, 1=Cheap

Locations: 3=Best, 2=Better, 1=Good Market

Market Demand: 3=Higher, 2=High, 1=Average

Rental Price: 3=Lower, 2=High, 1=Higher


  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternative.


Further to the exercise applied (Grid Analysis), the above table shows them Apartment scored the highest ranked which can be considered as the preferred alternative.


  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result.


The minute I showed the above results to my family, they were totally convinced that the apartment is the best choice to buy.



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One thought on “W3.1_Haitham_Accommodation Decision

  1. OK Haitham, MUCH better, but still not 100% there yet. Your first citation was very well done but your #2 and #3 are missing the access date……

    I will accept this but keep in mind your citations still remain weaker than I would like to see.

    This will become really important when citing the references for your paper, as you will lose points when it comes time to grade your paper IF your citations are not correct…..

    Looking forward to more good case studies with better citations.

    Dr. PDG, Boston

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