W6.0 – Ahmed AL-Abri- WBS Construction Road

1. Problem Definition

A project manager wants to figure out the work to be performed to construct a road. He wants a graphical display of the project with code number that shows the division of works in multi-level system in order to manage whole project, one must manage and control of each part.

2. Identify the Feasible Alternative

Work breakdown Structure (WBS) with coding system was adopted to be the foundation of a project management system

3. Development of the Outcome for Alternative

Construction of road consists of two main category Structural works (concrete works) and Road works.

Structural works are made up of:-

  1. Culvert box.
  2. Precast works include:-
  • Electrical pole foundation.
  • Manholes and Catch pits.
  • Pipe culverts.
  • Feeder pillar.

Road works are composed of:-

  1. Earth works
  • Site preparation.
  • Excavation and backfilling for utility
  • Backfilling Embankment.
  • Laying sub-grade.
  • Laying Sub- base.
  • Laying aggregate base course

     2. Paving works

  • Prime coat.
  • Laying asphalt (bitumen base course).
  • Tack coat.
  • Laying asphalt (Bitumen wearing course).

4. Selection Criteria

WBS consist of several level as follows

  • Level1 major facility (Construction of Road).
  • Level 2 Sub facility (Structural and Road works).
  • Level3 work items (culvert box, precast works, Earthworks and paving works).
  • Level 4 Tasks (Precast activities, earth works activities and paving activities).
  • Level 5 work package (small unit such as steel erection, shuttering pouring concert).
  • Level 6 Level of effort or activities.

Code number is very important system that can be used each component of the project to allow a sorting of information in order to produce a variety of reports for project monitoring and control.

The projection of WBC and coding number system will be implemented for the project of construction road. .

 5. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative

The table below shows the WBS and coding number of construction road

WBS OF Construction Road

WBS OF Construction Road

 6. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

From the above table, it is very obvious that a well scope of work was well defined that usually terminated in a deliverable product. Sufficient detail were shown so that the work can be measured, budgeted, scheduled and controlled.in addition to that a team can be selected a base on the WBS. WBS is a developed jointly by the project team to be an effective tools to perform the required works.

 7. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

Work breakdown structures is the corner stone of the project work plan. It defines the work to be achieved, the need expertise, assist the section of the project team and establishing a base for project scheduling and control the cost. Code number might be used to relate WBS to organization break structure (OBS) for management of people. Code number can also be used to relate WBS to cost breakdown structures (CB S). Code numbers may relate the WBS to critical path method (CPM) schedule to manage time

8. Reference:

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One thought on “W6.0 – Ahmed AL-Abri- WBS Construction Road

  1. Ahmed….. Ya ALLAH!!!!

    Why are you still not citing your references using APA format? This is the 6th week and by now, you should have MASTERED how to do this!!!

    Go HERE- https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10/ and invest 10 minutes to learn how to cite your references correctly, (last name is always FIRST)
    Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Online Periodical, volume number(issue number if available). Retrieved from

    Bernstein, M. (2002). 10 tips on writing the living Web. A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites, 149. Retrieved from http://www.alistapart.com/articles/writeliving

    Then take 10 minutes to FIX your citations and collect the 4 stars this posting should have gotten had you cited your references properly!!!

    Then for your W7 blog posting, use the same excellent case study, but instead of setting your WBS as a FLAT FILE, why not explore the advantages of using a RELATIONAL DATABASE (multi-dimensional) WBS structure? http://3d-wbs.blogspot.com/ Are you getting a lot of change orders because you missed defining some scope? If the answer is YES, then I can promise you that if you move from a flat file (single dimension) model to a multi-dimensional model, that you will REDUCE the number of change orders because you missed scope.

    Looking forward to you fixing this promptly and seeing what you do with your W7 blog posting.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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