W5-Musalllam Al Awaid-WBS 8 Dimension Evaluation


  1. Problem Definition

Antony Garrett Lisi proposed ‘’An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything’’, which based on the E8 Lie group. Is it possible to use the 8 dimensions theory to test the performance of the Work Breakdown Structure WBS?

  1. Feasible options Identification

By using wheel tool analysis, a “helicopter view” of the 8 dimensions of WBS can be taken or seen. That does help to see the points or areas, which need more attention.

  1. Development of the outcome for the alternative

The 8 dimensions of WBS can be shown in the form of star tetrahedron as in the following figure (Moine, 2014)


Blue points respresent the SCOPE dimensions of the 3D WBS, which are PBS (what?), ABS (How?), ZBS (Where?) and configuration management (For what?).

Red points represent the VALUE dimensions of the 3D WBS, which are OBS/RBS (Who?), Cost (How much?), Time (When?),and Value of the Project/Product (Why?)

Wheel of 8 dimensions of WBS can be depicted as in the following figure:


  1. Selection of acceptable criteria

The wheel consists of eight dimensions on which, each dimension of the project can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. Zero, means weak or almost no performance whereas 10 means, performance is excellent.

  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives

Each dimension is being assessed and marked on the wheel. Then, all marks are connected to form a certain shape.

The shape of the resultant figure is of a great importance. If it is not very round very small, then some attention given to improve the WBS. The visual representation of the WBS against the ideal WBS draws attention to the dimensions to be improved.

  1. Selection of the preferred option

By using the wheel tool analysis, the performance of WBS that is made for a project can be seen whether has met the deliverables to be achieved or not.

  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result.

As the project progresses, the wheel should be done again and again to follow the progress of the project. The change of scope of work, schedule or other dimension point, the WBS should be updated so that the performance/ wheel shape approximates the shape of the ideal wheel.


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One thought on “W5-Musalllam Al Awaid-WBS 8 Dimension Evaluation

  1. OUTSTANDING posting, Musallam!!!

    Interesting to note is that by using an 8 dimensional model, we are able to incorporate the business case into picture……

    Jean Yves is quite the genius (I’ve met him face to face at one of the train stations in Paris) and I am curious to see where he takes the multi-dimensional model….

    In the meantime, Omniclass http://www.omniclass.org/ gives us 15 possible ways to look at our projects…… Want to experiment how to match up those 15 different “perspectives” or “sorts” with Jean Yves 8 sided model? Does Omniclass really need 15 or are some being duplicated? Look at the 15 Omniclas tables in terms of your projects and see how many of those make sense from your perspective?

    VERY interesting topic and one which is going to be impacting all our lives in the coming years…

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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