W7.0 – Ahmed AL-Abri- Multi Dimensional WBS Construction of Road

1. Problem Definition

In the blog 6 A project manager used flatten WBS to know the division of works in multi-level system in order to manage whole project. But he found this way would not let him evaluate the other things such as who will do the work, when the work can be done what is the cost of the work at the same time.

2. Identify the Feasible Alternative

Since the Flatten Work breakdown system (WBS) with coding system was adopted in the previous blog. A project manager chose the Multi-dimensional WBS and he expects to see additional things to facilitate his evaluation of the project. This Technique was established by Jean-Yves. See this link to learn more about it (http://3d-wbs.blogspot.fr/2014/06/part-120-tetrahedron-projects-like.html ).

3. Development of the Outcome for Alternative

From Previous blog the flatten work breakdown structure was determined and as shown in the Figure 1 below

Figure1 Flatten WBS of Road Construction

Figure1 Flatten WBS of Road Construction

In addition to the above figure the following information are available:-

  • Name of project.
  • The place of the project.
  • The purposes of the project.
  • The schedule of the project.
  • The executor of the project.
  • The cost of the project.
  • The importance of the project.

4. Selection Criteria

The Application Multi-Dimensional WBS on construction of road should answer the following Questions:-

The scope questions:-

1)      What is the Project?

2)      Where is the Place of the project?

3)      For what is this project?

4)      How the project will be done?

The Value Question

1)      When the project should be done (Time or schedule)?

2)      Who will do the project (contractor’s name or the team of the contractors, resources)?

3)      How much the project will cost?

4)      Why this project is important?

Each answer of these questions should be rated from 0 to 10.

0 = no performance

10= excellent performance

5. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative

Figure-2 below shows the full details of the implementation of multi-dimensional WBS on the construction of road.

Figure -2 Multi Dimensional WBS Construction of Road

Figure -2 Multi Dimensional WBS Construction of Road

Figure-3 shows the configuration of management

Figure-3 configuration Management

Figure-3 configuration Management

6. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

In a comparison with flatten WBS the Multi- dimensional WBS is more efficient and realistic because it shows many project’s criteria at the same time which facilitates the control and management.

The performance of WBS that is made for a project can be seen whether has met the deliverables to be achieved.

The big challenge in the Multi- dimensional WBS that is a new technique requires more time to be understandable and applicable and should be established by expertise to guarantee it’s achievable.

7. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

It is preferable to use- Multi Dimensional WBS instead of flatten WBS but it is necessary to update the Multi-Dimensional WBS periodically.This will have a positive impact on reducing the possible change orders by refining the scope and eliminating any possible omissions or errors.

8. Reference:

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3 thoughts on “W7.0 – Ahmed AL-Abri- Multi Dimensional WBS Construction of Road

  1. AWESOME posting, Ahmed!!! Really nice work…..

    Not sure if this is worth doing for a road project but it surely is a worthwhile exercise to look into for a major facility like an airport terminal or a petrochemical plant and that is to explore how or why multi-dimensional WBS/CBS structures are the ENABLERS for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Try these references for starters and see where it takes you…




    This will take you beyond where you need to be to pass your PMP exam, but it will DEFINITELY help you achieve our second objective, which is to generate a favorable Return on Training Investment.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more exploration of this interesting and timely topic…

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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