Problem Definition:

Having highlighted the importance of project charters and following the previous blog which discussed why sometimes the project charter are left out, this blog will discuss what are the implications of not having a project charter and how it can affect the overall project success.

Implications of not having a Project Charter:

Referring to the main components of the project charters, the below developed tables will highlight the components of the project charters and will discuss the implications of not having these components developed, which will have the effect to the project.


Table 1: Implication of not having project charter “Definition” part



Table 2: Implication of not having project charter “Approach” part



Table 3: Implication of not having project charter “Project costs / budget” part



Table 4: Implication of not having project charter “Project Plan” part



The above analysis on the implications of not having the project charters is a clear message to any project sponsor to demand to issue such approach in any project. Spending time and efforts on developing the project charter is one the most valuable investment in each project. One key learning for me as a future leader to demand a comprehensive project charter to any project I will approve in the future.



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One thought on “W5_Hani_Project_Charter_P2

  1. OK Hani, I will accept this posting as you did a great job on it, but i remain concerned that you haven’t demonstrated that you have mastered our 7 step process yet.

    I promise that mastering the “scientific research” approach will help make you a better manager and more importantly, will help you mentor your staff in how to make sound documented alternatives for management to consider choosing from.

    Now what I really need this week is for you to work closely with Mahfoodah to get out a weekly report that is accurate and credible. 20-25% of your PMP exam is directly or indirectly related to this report and mastering how to calculate and use it to make better management decisions will help you in your day to day working environment as well.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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