W7_AsmaF_What’s happening with TKT-14 blog posting project

1. Problem Definition

Since the start of the distance learning phase until now – W7 – the team has been assigned to do 5 projects. One of the main projects is the blog posting. Many members of the team didn’t submit the post regularly. 8 out of 25 didn’t submit at least 5 – 6 posts.

Blog posting progress

Figure 1 – Blog posting progress

2. Identify the feasible alternatives

The way to overcome this issue the following points are the way to overcome this issue:

  1. Time management
  2. Commitment
  3. Discuss the project’s team members / mentor

3. Development of the outcome for alternative

Many reasons are causing the delay:

  1. Other projects assignment: the paper and the problem solving
  2. Topic selection: team has been confused about what topic should be covered
  3. Daily work load in work time: some of the members are onsite locations and they are not equipped with computers and network.  Some are having pressure on their company’s duties and in their offices.
  4. Posts acceptance criteria: The criterion to accept the posts is set so high. Some rejected posts are still unrecovered.

4. Selection Criteria

The team needs to follow the following point to overcome this issue:

  1. Time management

Time management shall be applied consistency and be able to prioritize the projects activities more efficiency.

  1. Commitment

This point is so important. The team needs to put more effort and commit to this assignment more.

  1. Discuss the project’s team members / mentor

Ask for the advice, discuss the faced issue. After all he’s a professional mentor and the team needs to take an advantage from him. More, some member’s performance is excellent; the team who has problem can discuss and ask from help from other colleagues


5. Analysis and Comparison of the alternative

The project of blog posts are under budget however it’s behind schedule. The team needs to be more committed to this project and manage time eventually to earn the value of this course.

6. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

Un-commitment from the team member is having the greatest impact on the performance of the posts. It’s highly recommended for the members to be more committed and submit their posts and also recover the previous weeks’ posts.

7. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

Follow up with the team members and try the best to commit and save time to submit the posts.


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2 thoughts on “W7_AsmaF_What’s happening with TKT-14 blog posting project

  1. Nice case study Asma and your analysis was a good one.

    Remember that in the Face to Face session I explained that teaching you the technical skills is fairly easy? That the real hard part of this course was trying to teach you the SOFT skills- Leadership, Negotiations, Problem Solving, Motivating, Team Building and “making things happen when you have little or no formal authority over your team members?” Well, this is where you are now…..

    What would make a really GREAT W8 posting would be go back and REVISIT the W1 assignment- conduct a survey to see exactly where this team is according to Tuckman. And I don’t think it takes a PhD to tell you that you DEFINITELY are not in the PERFORMING phase!!!

    Bottom line- The KEY to fixing what is wrong lies with the CONTRACT. That is the document which everyone agreed to and that is the document that should be used in determining what actions can or should be taken. And this too is a VERY important “LESSON LEARNED” for your real life working environment. IF projects form a core part of your business, then you CANNOT afford to carry non-performers on your project team. IMPOSSIBLE. Better you remove them than try to carry them.

    Think about it and looking forward to more blogs on this topic….

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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