W6.0_ Ahmed Al Azizi_ Concept Selection of Produced Water Pipeline project from A Station to B Station by using Matrix Analysis

  1. Problem Recognition

Currently the produced water from skim tank at A station is pumped to evaporation ponds using water disposal pump. Off late the water cut of wells have increased that resulted in more water being pumped to evaporation ponds and eventually flooding of ponds. There is an urgent need to address this problem on a long term basis.

Produced water treatment facilities and Water injection (WI) facilities are available at B station. The company is planning to transport produced water from A to B station through 8.5 Km pipeline.

  1. Development the Feasible Alternative

Considering the following type of pipeline is to be used to transport produced water from A to B station:

  • Carbon steel pipeline with internal PE coating.
  • RTP pipeline.
  • HDPE pipeline.


  1. Development of the Outcome for Alternative

The following criteria to be considered while selecting the concept of the pipeline project:

  • Pipeline material Reliability and integrity.
  • Operating pressure and temperature.
  • Cost.
  • Project execution time.
  • Design life.


  1. Selection of Criteria

The  decision Matrix Analysis technique is used to select the best of type of pipeline from A to B station.

  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative

In the below table each selection factor can score each option from 0 (poor) to 5 (very good) . where all the numbers based on previous experience in pipeline project.

Material: 4= very low corrosion, 3= Low corrosion, 2 =Medium corrosion, 1= High corrosion

Operating pressure and temperature: 4= High, 3= Medium, 2= Low, 1= Very Low

Cost: 4=Cheapest, 3=Cheap, 2=Expensive, 1=Most Expensive

Time (Project Execution): 4= High, 3= Medium, 2= Low, 1= Very Low

Design life: 4= High, 3= Medium, 2= Low, 1= Very Low

 Table 1

Table 1 Un- weighted grid

In Table 2 scoring the numbers for the relative importance of the factors based on similar previous experience. Show these as numbers from, say, 0 to 4, where 0 means that the factor is absolutely unimportant in the final decision, and 4 means that it is very important. As an example High=4, Medium=3, Low=2, Very Low=1

Table 2

Table 2 Weighted as per importance to the company management

Now multiply each of your scores from Table-2 by the values for relative importance of the factor that you calculated in Table-1. This will give you weighted scores for each option/factor combination in Table-3

Table 3

Table 3 Weighted scores

  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

In the above decision Matrix Analysis (Grid Analysis) technique in Table 3 the HDPE pipeline score the highest value which it shows meet the company requirement and help to achieve produced water target.

  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

The second option is carbon steel pipeline with PE coating which can be considered as alternative.


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One thought on “W6.0_ Ahmed Al Azizi_ Concept Selection of Produced Water Pipeline project from A Station to B Station by using Matrix Analysis

  1. Ahhhhhh….. Excellent…… I see you did get in a nice case study using multi-attribute decision making!!! Good work!!!

    Any chance that you have access to enough data that you can create a cost estimating model for us comparing cost or duration to output or throughput and some sort of regression analysis?

    Here are two examples of the kind of cost estimating model I’d love to see you create provided you have the data….http://pmworldjournal.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/pmwj10-may2013-asmoro-gold-equivalency-for-forecasting-steel-prices-FeaturedPaper.pdf or http://pmworldjournal.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/PMWJ4-Nov2012-SELLAPPAN-Gold-AlternativeCurrencyForProjectEstimation-Featured-Paper.pdf

    Keep up the great work and PLEASE take some time to mentor your colleagues who continue to struggle with the concept and objective of these blog postings….

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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