W7.0_Ahmed Al Azizi_ Installation of Oil Transfer Pumps Project

1. Problem Recognition, Definition and Evaluation


As a part from Field Development Program (FDP) it recommends introducing to upgrade the oil shipping facility. In this project two Oil transfer pumps to be installed in B station to increase the shipping capacity from 20,000 ppd to 50,000 ppd. In the below table a summary of project activities:

Table 1

Table 1 Project activities and time estimates (weeks)

The critical bath is ACHKMOS and project duration is 53 weeks. This project is very critical to the company to achieve production target by 55 weeks. This blog to study the possibility of this project to success.

2. Development of the Feasible Alternatives


To study these project a statistical tool to be used. PERT is proposed. PERT, is a statistical tool, used in project managment, which was designed to analyze and represent the tasks involved in completing a given project.

3. Development of the Outcomes for Each Alternative


The formula to calculate the expected time:

EQ 1

The variance of each activity is calculated using:

EQ 2

a: optimistic

b: pessimistic

m: most likely

t: expected time

V: variance

4. Selection of a Criterion


The calculation of expected time and variance as follows:

Table 2

Table 2 Expected time and variance

 5. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives


The project variance from the table above is the sum of the variance along the critical path. Threrfor, the project variance (σp2) is


graph 1

Graph 1 Probability density vs z- Score


6. Selection of the Preferred Alternative


As a result from above calculation, the chance of completion by due date is 85.99%. or 14.1 % the project will delayed or fail.

7. Performance Monitoring and Post Evaluation of Results


The project success is very good but this percentage only achievable if progress monitoring and controlled closely since this project get activities to that is executed in parallel to ensure not delay any critical path activies.



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