W10-Ali Hubais- Work Prioritization

  1. Problem Definition

Procurement Department is receiving Many Purchase Requisition (PR) or service requisition (SR) in same time from Different Department as they are End user of this PR or SR and all this Requirment are required for the plant some of it are direct requirement & other indirect requirement. Therefore, it is very important to prioritize the work based on criteria of the requirement and either it’s director indirect requirement to the production line.

  1. Identify the Feasible Alternatives

Some main criteria to prioritize the requirement are:

  1. Priority status of that PR/SR from end user and required time
  2. Delivery lead time of PR/SR from Supplier
  3. Installation & Comissning required period to complete the job by supplier.

There are some available technical techniques which can be used for work prioritization such as importance-versus-urgency-matrix which is referred to as Urgent/Important Matrix. It is illustrated in the figure below [1


Figure1. Importance-versus-urgency-matrix

  1. Development of the Outcome for Alternative

There are some tasks which are to be done by procurement focal point to ensure the Hence, prioritization is essential. The tasks are: 1. Study the new coming PR status of required delivery date as its stated in PR. 2. Assigning immediately they PR to the concern buy with highlighting the priority 3. Buy to check the required date and delivery lead-time from Supplier.


  1. Selection of Criteria

URGENT/IMPORTANT matrix is used for work prioritization. The criteria for importance and urgency are: 1. Where so requirement are important but no urgently required where buy has to take care but not in harry to finalize the order

2. Some requirement are urgent but not important with will not affect they production but still required urgently to process.

  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative.

1. When even new enquire comes to Procurement they have to analyses the urgency of such and the lead time to deliver over the Requirment to the end user.

2. Procurement has to check the importance of such Requirment to the plant and the effectiveness of delay that might occur if there is any delay of the Requirment

  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternative.

The preferred alternatives are: Both are required to be analyzed urgency of Requirment & importance of Requirment but it dependence on the Requirment urgency via importance in some case the Requirment will be urgent but not important where other will be urgent & important


  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result.

It is important to re-check the inventory and monitor the stoke level date when ever receive item stoke Requirment



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One thought on “W10-Ali Hubais- Work Prioritization

  1. Very appropriate and relevant case study Ali and there was nothing wrong with your analysis, EXCEPT for the fact that you really didn’t tie it very well to PROJECT MANAGEMENT…….

    Suggest you revisit my handouts, Day 5, slide #34……. Tell us what PROJECT MANAGEMENT information do we use to determine URGENCY? IMPORTANCE? And where do we get this information from?

    How can we/should we integrate procurement into the project management plan?

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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