W5_Al Moataz Al Hasani_ Organizational Structure

1- Problem Definition:

A project organization is a structure that facilitates the coordination and implementation of project activities (1).  The main reason for this blog posting, we were requested to build a new project, this project needs a new team with separate organization structure. The importance of any organization structure is to provide guidelines on hierarchy, authority of structure and relationships, linkage between different functions/departments.

Organizational structure


2- Development ofFeasible Alternatives

Most organization structure arrangements are structured in 3 ways:

1)      Functional

2)      Project based

3)      Matrix

(Strong matrix is preferable)

3- Development of the outcome for the alternative:

The Main requirement for this coming organization for the extension project are as bellow:

  • Improving resources.
  • Power of authority.
  • Unity of command.
  • Increase Productivity.

 4- Selection of criteria:

 a) Functional Organisation:

project org str


The programmatic focus refers to a traditional structure in which program sector managers have formal authority over most resources. So the top management have the full authority and all departments and sections reports to them.(2)

b) Project – Based Organizational Structure:

This project structure is separated from the parent organization and their top management are their project managers with their own technical staff.

project org struc

c) Matrix organizational structure.

A matrix organization structure is usually defined as one where there are multiple reporting lines – that is, people have more than one formal boss.(3)


 5- Analysis and Comparison

 the adv and dis

6-Selection of the Preferred Alternative

Matrix organization type has come out as the appropriate organizational structure for the new project. Matrix Organization will all projects to be staffed and supported from within the organization and will provide focus the technical competencies. Project staff will report only to one programmatic person but can work at the same time with multiple of project managers.

7- Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result.

Matrix organizational structure mostly suits the new complex project we are coming up with. In Addition an evaluation will be implemented after the starting of the project with the matrix structure.



1) Project Management Organizational Structures. (2007, January 1). Retrieved August 25, 2014, from http://www.classtoolkit.org/sites/default/files/documents/PM4DEV_Project_Management_Structures.pdf

2) Joseph, C. (n.d.). Benefits & Disadvantages of a Functional Organizational Structure. Retrieved August 25, 2014, from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/benefits-disadvantages-functional-organizational-structure-11944.html

3) What is a matrix organization structure? (2014, March 1). Retrieved August 25, 2014, from http://www.global-integration.com/matrix-management/matrix-structure/matrix-organization-structure/


One thought on “W5_Al Moataz Al Hasani_ Organizational Structure

  1. Al great case study but you missed addressing the single most important issue that needs to be overcome when working in a strong matrix- which is how to fix the problem of “serving two masters”……… In your posting, you failed to address that. Worse yet, you didn’t even reference my handouts, Day 4, slides #11-#16. What did Henry Fayol tell us? What did Clarence “Kelley” Johnson recommend?

    Bottom line- sorry, but this is NOT a graduate level analysis…..

    Dr. PDG, Muscat

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