W6_Khalid Almamari _Grid Analysis for FEED project

1. Problem Definition:

Recently, we have carried out a new tender for the FEED of new storage facilities. The assignment will take around 6 months of execution and both technical and commercial proposal submitted. The technical evaluation shall take place in prior of the commercial opening as per the company policy. Unfortunately, 3 consultants are only interesting and participate with this job. The grid analysis will be considered to evaluate the same

2. Development of Feasible Alternatives:

As per the 3 proposals submitted to the contract department, their tenders will be evaluated according to the essential and general criteria that already set in the tender strategy. The 3 companies named as A, B and C

3. Development of the Outcome for Alternative:

Grid analysis will be used in comparing the three different companies. Grid analysis will help us to decide between such good consultants and scoring tool with allocated weightage will be utilized as following:

Companies are: A company, B Company and C company.

Allocated weightage are: 5 to 1 where 5 is very good and 1 is too bad

Criteria are: Experience in oil & gas, Experience in same assignment, key personnel, methodology, schedule, in-country value, office in Oman or not.

4. Selection of Criteria:

the 3 companies will be evaluated against the 7 criteria set earlier (Experience in oil & gas, Experience in same assignment, key personnel, methodology, schedule, in-country value, office in Oman or not) where high scoring of 5 will go to the good consultant with such criteria and 3 scoring will go to the average and the lowest scoring as 1 will go to the poor company in any of mentioned items.

5. Analysis and Comparison of the alternative.

By using Grid Analysis, the comparison of the above criteria will be as below:

 A Company B Company C Company
Experience in oil & gas 5 4 3
Experience in same assignment 2 3 5
key personnel 5 4 1
methodology 4 1 4
schedule 5 1 1
in-country value 4 4 1
office in Oman or not 4 5 1
Total 29 22 16

6. Selection of the Preferred Alternative.

By applying Grid Analysis, the above table shows that the A Company scored the highest ranked which can be considered as the preferred alternative to do the FEED assignment with good quality and within the timeframe required

7. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result.

There are many tools that could be utilized to do such evaluation but it is good to use the percentage as 1st which prove the possibility to change as earlier we are filling the table by either by YES or NO with small justification without % comparison. I do remember such weightage tool was recommended by one of our shareholder.


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