W11_Khalid Almamari_Estimation of Productivity for Road’s Equipment

1. Problem Definition


It is a crucial to estimate the resources’ productivity prior apply or tender for any business. It is the part supporting the estimation of time and cost. This blog will show small example to get a contract to move road materials from the assigned borrow pit to the project’s site.

  1. Identify the Feasible Alternative


The subcontractor wants to determine the required production rate in order to estimate the required numbers and types of equipment to be used for moving sub-base material from borrow pit to the site.

The subcontractor decided to use the productivity and production equations to estimate the production rate and the required equipment.

  • Productivity = output/input
  • Productivity = Quantities/ work Hours
  • Production = Output/Time


  1. Development of the Outcome for Alternative


The SOW of the main contractor is summarized in the below table:



It is clear from above table that the required earthmoving equipments for this type of works are almost tipper truck and wheel loader (shovel).


It was collected from other same earthmoving projects that the productivity rates of the same mentioned equipments are as following:



  1. Selection Criteria


In order to estimate the daily Production, the numbers of the required equipment therefore, the following steps will be followed;-

  • The quantity of the daily and hourly sub-base material to be delivered to the site should be calculated.
  • Productivity or production rate should be calculated based on the requirements of the main contractor and the daily and hourly sub-base material rate.
  • Accurate Daily record and daily report should be registered to monitor the productivity of the equipment.


  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative


Required productivity per day= 100000/25= 4000 m3/day

Required productivity per hour= 4000 /10= 400 m3/day








  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

The required daily Productivity is 4000 m3 and the hourly productivity is 400m3.

The hourly productivity of the tipper truck is 60 m3 that applies the required numbers of tipper trucks are (6.66) and this number should be rounded to next closest heights number so the numbers of trucks are 7 and the productivity changed to 57. Similar thing was done for the wheel loaders. The required numbers are (4.44) and rounded it to 5. And base on the change the productivity changed from 90m3to 80m3. Rounding the numbers of the equipment is a precautionary procedure to maintain the productivity in the event of the breakdown of any equipment.

Establishing trip sheet and daily productivity report is a great technique to control and manage the daily productivity.


  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

Productivity is one of the best tools to estimate the required resources to be applied for the project therefore it is very important to understand the required scope of work to dedicate the required recourse for the project. Moreover the precise record from previous similar project is assist step to reach the right estimation but the updated changes in the norms and rate in the market should be taken in the consideration of the estimation. Also, trip sheet to control the productivity of tipper trucks should be maintain to make sure of the mentioned measurements.



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