Wk13_Mahfoodha_Lesson Learned

  1. Problem Definition

Projects are generally unique and vary from one to the other especially in terms of purpose, cost, magnitude and the timelines involved. However, the processes to conduct the projects are similar and hence the lessons learned from each project could be used and utilized for other projects.

Takatuf –PMI program is about to conclude, and there were definitely many lesson learned from this experience. Each and every project within the program was a challenge and delivering the requirements provided a wealth of lessons to be captured and interpreted in our future ventures. The intention of this blog is to capture the lessons learned from this program and perhaps find a manner to implement them in future programs.

  1. Identify the Feasible Alternative
  2. Lesson learned during the progress of the program
  3. Lesson learned after the Program
  4. Development of the Outcome for Alternative

This program was all about developing individual competency. Meaning the individuals were not only to know and understand the best practices of project management. But also train and develop the project management skills in each individual. This included skills such as time management, quality management, commitment to milestones and team work. The program included the following projects to be delivered within 3 months:

  1. Weekly blogs
  2. A 2500 words paper
  3. Book of templates- team work
  4. Rita’s problem solving- team effort
  5. Weekly reporting- individual and team efforts

Each project had project manager and the program overall had program management. These key individuals were selceted by the team and had a key role to the success/ failure of the program and provided a great amount of lessons learned.

The following are a summary of the lessons learned captured:

  1. Lesson learned during the progress of the program
  2. Lesson learned after the program: the program is at the end and the following could be summarized:
    1. Capture the lessons learned from this experience.
    2. Capture the individuals strengths and weaknesses
    3. Capture the design of the programs strengths and weaknesses
    4. How these lessons affected the individual’s competencies?
    5. How to use these lessons for the next ventures?
    6. Select individuals who are known for their commitment and hard work
    7. Did we Select the proper project managers..
  • The first session of the program 1st face- face: meeting the team, forming teams within the team to organize and distribute the work equally for the first session deliverables. Challenges in working with individuals with different background and different culture. Selecting the project managers and the program managers, this was taken lightly by the team members. Had the team realized how important these positions for the success of the program, these key positions would have been selected carefully.  One of the most important lessons learned in this program is realizing how important it is to have leadership  and communication skills within the program and project managers. Strong leadership is certainly a key factor on the success of a project.
  • Initial stage:  the contents of the program were quite intense.  Steep learning curving could be noticed throughout the program but especially at the initial phase. the deliverables of the program required learning new tools, adopting techniques that were not personally familiar, working virtually with a big group of members with different backgrounds, and at the same time managing the day to day activities at work and at home.  This required a strong disciplinary characteristic and commitment. Examples from this program of such experience is creating blogs- personally this was the first time I have ever created a blog- then using the APA format for the blog submittal ( an excellent cite to  produce references with APA format http://www.citefast.com/.) as well as using tools and techniques to validate the study case( which were quite time consuming (youtube classes were quite helpful in this matter)). Selecting a topic for the blog was quite challenging.
  • During the progress of the Program: after the initial shock of the first week of the program and the actual extent of work is known, acquiring the necessary knowledge to deliver a sound study cases required an immense amount of reading and self-study as well as constant communication with the tutor. This was quite challenging especially with the tight schedule of the program deliverables as well as the demands of work and individual social responsibilities.
  • Skills requirement: strong communication network between the team members and the project managers and the tutors. There are so many new knowledge the individual will acquire but to reach the optimum comprehension the individuals must communicate, learn from the others experiences and never be afraid to ask.  Time management: it is very important to plan your tasks properly to meet the requirements of the program as well as managing the demands of your daily activities. Only the individual can do that as they are aware of their capabilities and the requirements of their individual’s day to day activities. Once the plan is in place the individual must commit to follow it otherwise they might miss their deadline and consequently fail the program.

The program was extended for another 3 weeks; we had another chance for redemption. An extra task was included to the program, preparation for the exam. I believe the lesson we have captured during the program was captured and improvements in team work could be noticed as well as the performance some of the individuals. The leadership of the individuals has significantly improved as well.

  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives
  2. Lesson learned during the progress of the program

Illustrates how important that the individual must prepare and understand the contents of the program before committing to it. This is quite important as the performance of an individual has a direct impact on the performance of the team in this program.  The lessons learned captured in this phase illustrates the mettle of each individual and their leadership skills an important aspect for a successful project manager. Taking all the above into consideration these lessons could be used to enhance the individuals skills for future programs.

  1. Lesson learned after the program

Also for future such programs these lessons could be given to the next classes where they could benefit from these learnings.

  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternatives

All the above alternative are quite important. During the program, capturing the lessons learned is important to continuously and constantly develop the individual’s competencies. Whereas the lessons learned after the completion of the program allows the individual to reflect on their successes and failures and perhaps utilize that knowledge to improve their project management characteristics. If I were to do this program again, I would require both alternatives

  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

I know now what I need for the next venture, where my weaknesses are and definitely how to improve on my failures. For those of you who are venturing in this kind of program please do contact us.


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2 thoughts on “Wk13_Mahfoodha_Lesson Learned

  1. Excellent Lessons Learned, Mafoodha!!! Many thanks for sharing them with future classes!!!

    Now that you have caught up 100% with your blog postings, now you really need to focus 100% of your efforts on preparing for the PMP Exam- Study Rita’s book of questions, read over your PMBOK Guide and take some time to review my handouts, especially the problems we worked on together….. You WILL see questions on most of my slides……

    Good luck and let us know how you do….

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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