W5_Al Moataz Al Hasani_ Organizational Structure

1- Problem Definition:

A project organization is a structure that facilitates the coordination and implementation of project activities (1).  The main reason for this blog posting, we were requested to build a new project, this project needs a new team with separate organization structure. The importance of any organization structure is to provide guidelines on hierarchy, authority of structure and relationships, linkage between different functions/departments.

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W4_ Al Moataz Al Hasani _ Non Compensatory Model

  1. Problem Definition:

This has reference to the previous W3 blog in which Grid Analysis had been chosen to figure out the alternative in investment. Using the same tender evaluation, Non Compensatory models is examined to select the best alternative.

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W1_Al Moataz_Tuckman Assessment

1-      Problem Definition:

You can’t expect a lot from a newly built team and you can’t expect them to perform well when it first comes together. Team formation takes time and they often go through familiar stages, as they start from outsiders to becoming united groups with mutual goals.

In every project team it is very important to identify the development stage of your team, which will help in developing the strategy for leadership. Project Team “Takatuf PMI 2014” was established after the 5 days face-to-face session, the teams goals are: to Pass one of PMI certifications and return on training investment. The only way to achieve the team goals, is to identify organisation development stages of “Takatuf PMI 2014” Continue reading