W_4_Applying Noncompensatory Models_Haitham

1.  Problem Definition

Further to the previous W3 blog in which Grid Analysis had been applied to figure out the alternative in moving to new place.

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W2.0_Haitham Al Raisi_organization structure

  1. Problem Definition

The structure of an organization is the manner in which various sub-units are arranged and inter-related. The following blog discussion is about the change in our organization structure which happened because of the big growth and expansion in managing more regional airports. The importance of any organization structure is to provide guidelines on hierarchy, authority of structure and relationships, linkage between different functions/departments.

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1-      Problem Definition:

A professional professor who delivers graduate level of programs in Project Management and Takatuf Oman (a Unit in OOC) both has developed a complete Training Program in Project Management Professional, which was conducted on 25th to 29th of May 2014 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. This training had a lot of learning tools and plenty of deliverables, for that a team was formed after 5 days Face to Face section and named by” Takatuf Oman 2014″.

The foundation of any team is having a shared commitment to common objectives and the successes of this team is by having a great leader to achieved teams goals.

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