W8_Khalid Almamari_Outsourcing of Concept Activities

  1. Problem Definition.

Due to the high loads of projects in the our engineering department, we may need to look for alternatives to chase up our progress in the concept stage and outsource as an option to handle them on time. It isn’t new way as the whole of worlds and most of the companies now a days are concentrating on their businesses and leave other to small and medium enterprises.

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Wk8_ Mahfoodha_ Enhanced SPC of Team Takatuf Blog posting

  1. Problem definition.

In the previous Blog a statistical analysis was conducted on the blog posting data of the whole team. This exercise is essential to measure the current status of the project and allows the team to monitor, control and improve the performance of the process for the rest duration of the project.   Based on the previous analysis this blog’s topic will be enhancing the results of the SPC conducted on the teams’ blog posting by reducing the limitation as much as possible. This will allow the team to explore manners of improvements in this project.

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W8_Murtadha_Pareto Chart Analysis

  1. Problem Recognition

A relative has owned a barber shop for quite some time now and he has noticed that all though the business was picking up in the first couple of years it is now in a downhill trend. He set out to find out why and what could be done to flip this around. He setup a survey to figure out what were the key reasons that his customers weren’t coming back. Continue reading

W8_S.Algheilani_Using Gantt Chart Inputs To Create The Critical Path


  1. Problem definition

In blog W7, I discussed one of the tools that are used to manage projects activities and to make it easier to identify the tasks problems and what are the consequences of delaying projects and control that. We discussed how to develop Gantt chart and what are the elements to be identified in order to come up with a proper Project schedule from the first activities to the very last. In this blog, am going to explain how to draw a critical path using the activities starting time, duration and the relationships between each activity. Continue reading

W8 _Said Alamri_ Control Chart (i.e. Run Chart)

1. Problem Recognition

Car tyres factory is designed to produce 900 tyre per day. Although the number of tyres rejected by quality control section due to manufacturing defect are recorded in daily production for a month of August around 340 tyres. The QC department wants to draw a control chart to present the values to management. After that the management can take action to purchase tyres recycling machine. And determine the machine capacity that will be purchased.

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W8_AsmaF_Tuckman Analysis Assignment for W8

1. Problem Definition

The team has been now in the 8th week of the project management program. In the first week we’ve posted about tuckman assessment after identifying in which stage the team is and what is the best leadership style to be adopted at the identified stage. The problem statement was to recognize the suitable leadership style at the stage where the team lay. According to the team survey result (using P80), the team was in performing stage. As per the weekly report the team now is behind schedule and overrun budget so same survey was conducted once again to know where the team is and find the suitable leadership style.

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