W3_Hani_Project Organization Stracture

Problem Definition:

When managing projects, there are a lot of areas in which the organizational structure can influence project.  This blog will try to identify what is the organization type in “HR Development Scheme” Project using the “Organizational influences on project” matrix. It will then analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the identified organizational structure type. Finally, some recommendation will be suggested to overcome challenges that the organizational type may face.

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W1.1_Hani_Tuckman Assessment

2. Problem Definition

Takatuf have introduced a program for project management development and invited 25 participants from 9 different companies. The program started with 5 face to face training, in which the 25 participants “ Takatuf PMI 2014” Team had to work together as a team to deliver certain deliverables.

The first assignment is to apply Dr. Bruce Tukman theory of group development, to the newly formed “ Takatuf PMI 2014”  team to explore where they fall in the different stages, and therefore to reach to a conclusion on the best leadership style that the leader need to adopt.

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