W2_AsmaF_Multi attributes decision making

1. Problem Definition

In IT maintenance and services operations are always performed because of the needed patches installation, security enhancements and new deployments for updated applications.

Nowadays no one can afford to lose 1 minute of work with systems and networks and the IT maintenance operations can cause interruptions (downtime) or slowdown for end users. IT should be careful to decide how to maintain the systems and networks in order not to stop the work and business.

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W2_TN_Stakeholder Mapping

1)      Problem Statement:

Today, an investment manager needs to satisfy an ever more growing range of stakeholders. Such is the case due to the growing number of stakeholders and indeed the growing chasm between different stakeholder goals and objectives. To illustrate, an investment manager who invests in an oil field needs generate as much financial returns as possible to satisfy her shareholders, while at the same time making sure that the field operates within strict environmental boundaries, which at many times come at a cost. Such conflicting stakeholder goals require an intricate and structured approach to stakeholder analysis and mapping, in order to set expectations, manage stakeholders and ensure stakeholder coherence.

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