About us

Based on Project Management Development Program scheme, Takatuf Oman (Oman Oil Company, OOC)  is pleased to introduce Project Management Development Stage 1.

This first stage is a 3 month program consisting of face to face intensive workshops, assignments, coaching and other interactive learning interventions.

The Project Management Development Stage 1 is planned to start on the end of April and end in August 2014. Further stages will be introduced subsequently based on the progress of the candidates.

The program is recommended for all employees who are responsible to initiate, plan, execute, control or close either CAPEX or OPEX funded projects to achieve business improvements, results or change. These include Project Managers, Technical Managers, Finance managers and HR Managers.

This blog is the one of the project of this program where the program members post a weekly assignment and solve real problems using the tools and techniques found in the course reference documents and books.

Project Goals and Objectives:

  • To share ideas & knowledge in Project Management.
  • Gives inspiration of Project solutions.
  • Share case studies with analysis.
  • Implement project management skills in weekly bases.
  • To build up personal knowledge in project management.
  • Improve communication skills.

PMI_Oman First cohort of Project Management Development Program by Takatuf


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